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The Group no longer offers photo sales at events.

However, we have an extensive b/w negative collection, printed to specific order, as set out in the lists below. This service is managed by Robin Jenkinson.

For the master order form, click here and on the individual lists below.


Latest lists added: 17/11/18, list 37


List 1 - Bristol FLF deckers

List 2 - Bristol LD & FS deckers

List 3 - Bristol KSW deckers and open toppers

List 4 - EN & SCT garage shots and vehicles on hire

List 5 - Bristol GO & K deckers

List 6 - Bristol JO & L saloons

List 7 - Bristol LS & MW buses and DPs

List 8 - Bristol LS, MW & RE coaches

List 9 - Bristol LH, RE & Leyland National etc

List 10 - Bristol VR, Southend Fleetlines, Colchester Atlanteans etc

List 11 - Eastern National Leylands - TD/PD, Leopard/Tiger etc

List 12 - Colchester, EN Bedfords, SC4LKs etc and Southend Trolleys

List 13 - EN Guys, Daimlers, AECs, Fords and Bedfords

List 14 - Southend Corporation Transport buses (not Fleetlines)

List 15 - Early EN shots, Westcliff, City, Campbells etc

List 16 - Early shots - Canvey, City, Southend, Hicks, Moores, Ipswich

List 17 no longer available

List 18 - no longer available

List 19 - no longer available

List 20 - no longer available

List 21 - More EN, SCT & CCT miscellany (Kevin Lane/Terry Coughlin shots)

List 22 - First 1960s EN selection from the Cansick Collection

List 23 - Second 1960s EN selection from the Cansick Collection

List 24 - Third Cansick Collection list - Colchester, Southend, indeps

List 25 - Essex independents, primarily Osbornes of Tollesbury

List 26 - no longer available

List 27 - *NEW* - Eastern National miscellany

List 28 - *NEW* - Moores of Kelvedon

List 29 - *NEW* - Tillings & EN ex Moores of Kelvedon

List 30 - *NEW* - EN LS & MW types, plus Colchester CT

List 31 - *NEW* - EN K types, UCOC ex ENOC buses, Ipswich CT

List 32 - *NEW* - Smaller Essex independents

List 33 - *NEW* - Osbornes, Norfolks, Hedingham etc

List 34 - *NEW* - Moores, City, Hicks and sundry independents

List 35 - *NEW* - EN VRs, Olympians, Leyland Nationals

List 36 - *NEW* - EN Lodekkas and sundry vehicles

List 37 - *NEW* - Southend Corporation

List 38 - *NEW* - Westcliff miscellany, EN service vehicles



Photo galleries


There are currently no photo galleries on this web site, but many of the sites listed on our Links page include photos. In particular, we recommend:


         SCT 61 a very extensive collection of photos (colour and b/w) of Southend, Colchester, Eastern National (including Tillings Travel, Westcliff Motor Services, City Coach Company and Moores of Kelvedon) and Osbornes of Tollesbury buses, mainly from the 1960s and 1970s


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