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Essex Bus News magazine includes a selection of historical and current articles.  Progressively over time we intend to build an archive of these articles, for future research.  Initially only a small selection are available, listed by operator/topic.  All articles listed here are copyright Essex Bus Enthusiasts Group and may not be reproduced without our prior consent.


Arriva Southend/Southend Transport


·         The closure of Arriva Southend’s London Road garage in January 2000

·         Southend Transport special Christmas/New Year services, 1971 - 1999


City Coach Company


·         The 251 story 1927 – 2000 – Chris Stewart presents a        brief history of this historic route

·         The City Influence – Chris Stewart’s review of the  remains of the erstwhile City Coach Company

·         Blue Brick Bridge – the story of why City were not allowed to operate double deckers under this bridge in Shotgate, on the direct Southend to London route


Eastern National


·         50 years of EN’s Lodekkas – Chris Stewart’s history of EN’s LDs and FLFs (not forgetting an LDL and 2 FSs!):

In 2 versions:  

As published in EBN, with photos – Acrobat file (192kb)

In text only form– quicker to download (26kb)

·         2826 – a unique FLF – Peter Oughton remembers the glass-fibre panelled FLF

·         Eastern National’s VR’s – Chris Stewart chronicles the history of the Bristol VR in the EN & Thamesway fleets

·         Chelmsford to Brentwood – 80 years of service – Chris Stewart reviews operations on this important corridor

·         Village Links old & new – Chris Stewart looks at the Essex CC Village Link services in the Brentwood area

·         Route workings – August 1981 (Publication EP33)


Essex Independents


·         Publicity review – 2001

·         Amos of Belchamp St Paul – the end of an era by Alan Osborne

·         Amos of Belchamp St Paul – earlier memories from Alan Watkins

·         Notes on Thames Weald and Dr Heffernan – by David Harman


Southend & District Joint Services (EN & SCT)


·         Route workings – November 1973

·         Route workings – January 1976

·         Route workings – August 1981 (Publication EP34)


Personal recollections

The links below are currently defunct, pending a relaunch of the Working On The Buses website. 

Meanwhile, if you are interested in any, please e-mail us and

we can send you pdf copies.


·         The Revd. Tery Challis wrote a series of articles about his memories of buses in south Essex in the early 1950s and then his experiences working for EN in schedules and later as a conductor and driver - to see the complete series, click here.

·         Mick Parsons has written about his days as a conductor and driver at Wood Green - click here to access them.

·         Not generally published in Essex Bus News, there are more staff recollections at:

Ø  Ian Banks - SCT in the 1960s

Ø  John Bashford - ST X1 service

Ø  Richard Delahoy - ST in the 1980s

Ø  Ted Miles - EN in the 1960s

Ø  Gareth Morgan - SCT conductor, 1980s

Ø  James Sadd - ST X1 service

Ø  Alan Watkins - City Coach Co & many others




In a major development, we are currently digitising all of the Group’s magazines/news-sheets back to issue 1 (1964), Group publications and a variety of other documents, as pdf files.  Copies are already available to members on request (see the October 2015 EBN for details) and in due course we will be launching a new, separate website to make the whole collection freely available. 


Watch out for further details!!


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