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Essex Bus Magazine includes a selection of historical and current articles and some special issues devoted entirely to historical articles.  Progressively over time we intend to build an archive of these articles, for future research.  Initially only a small selection is available, listed by operator/topic.  All articles listed here are copyright Essex Bus Enthusiasts Group and may not be reproduced without our prior consent.


Arriva Southend/Southend Transport


·         The closure of Arriva Southend’s London Road garage in January 2000


·         Southend Transport special Christmas/New Year services, 1971 - 1999


City Coach Company


·         The 251 story 1927 – 2000 – Chris Stewart presents a brief history of this historic route


·         The City Influence – Chris Stewart’s review of the remains of the erstwhile City Coach Company


·         Blue Brick Bridge – the story of why City were not allowed to operate double deckers under this bridge in Shotgate, on the direct Southend to London route




Eastern National


·         Transfer of Grays Area Services to London Transport, 1933 - 1951 (book), Alan Osborne


·         50 years of EN’s Lodekkas – Chris Stewart’s history of EN’s LDs and FLFs (not forgetting an LDL and 2 FSs!).  This is an article from our magazine, published in March 2004, not the complete book published subsequently



·         2826 – a unique FLF – Peter Oughton remembers the glass-fibre panelled FLF


·         Eastern National’s VR’s – Chris Stewart chronicles the history of the Bristol VR in the EN & Thamesway fleets


·         Eastern National & Thamesway Fleet Record, Volume 2 – 1990 to 1996 - 80 pages, A4 - download as a pdf (external link)



·         Chelmsford to Brentwood – 80 years of service – Chris Stewart reviews operations on this important corridor


·         Village Links old & new – Chris Stewart looks at the Essex CC Village Link services in the Brentwood area



Southend area services


·         Public Transport Services in the Southend-on-Sea District, 1900 - 1955 - an ebook by Richard Hayden



Essex Independents


·         Publicity review – 2001


·         Amos of Belchamp St Paul – the end of an era by Alan Osborne


·         Amos of Belchamp St Paul – earlier memories from Alan Watkins


·         Campbell’s of Pitsea - our Fact File history of this operator


·         Coastal Red - the story of this late 1980s operation in north east Essex - pdf download of our Fact File booklet


·         Notes on Thames Weald and Dr Heffernan – by David Harman



Personal recollections

The links below are currently defunct, pending a relaunch of the Working On The Buses website. 

Meanwhile, if you are interested in any, please e-mail us and we can send you pdf copies.


·         The Revd. Terry Challis wrote a series of articles about his memories of buses in south Essex in the early 1950s and then his experiences working for EN in schedules and later as a conductor and driver - to see the complete series, click here.

·         Mick Parsons has written about his days as a conductor and driver at Wood Green - click here to access them.

·         Not generally published in Essex Bus News, there are more staff recollections at:

Ø  Ian Banks - SCT in the 1960s

Ø  John Bashford - ST X1 service

Ø  Richard Delahoy - ST in the 1980s

Ø  Ted Miles - EN in the 1960s

Ø  Gareth Morgan - SCT conductor, 1980s

Ø  James Sadd - ST X1 service

Ø  Alan Watkins - City Coach Co & many others




In a major development, we have digitised all of the Group’s magazines/news sheets back to issue 1 (1964), Group publications and a variety of other documents, as pdf files.  Copies are already available to members on request and in due course we will be launching a new, separate website to make the whole collection freely available. 


Watch out for further details!!


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