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Blackwells of Earls Colne - the story of an Essex independent bus operator


Our most extensive publication so far, this 68 page A4 sized book is profusely illustrated, with colour covers and numerous black/white pictures inside.  Tells the full history of this enterprising operator from the days of the First World War up to the 1965 sale to Hedingham & District.  Backed up with ephemera, time and fare tables, a full fleet list, this book is a must!  Written by respected author Michael Yelton, who knew the Blackwell family personally in the latter days of the business.

Price £9.95 plus £1.20 post & packing = £11.15                     How to order



Coastal Red Fact File – By Alan Osborne.


The name of COASTAL RED rekindles memories of their bus war with Eastern National in Clacton and Harwich following deregulation in 1986.

This brand new fact file covers the complete history of buses from Great Oakley garage, including Hooks Bros, the Essex Coastal Express combine and Charter Coach.

Plus there’s extensive coverage of the bus war as this small operator took on the big boys and was eventually run off the road.

Hot off the press, this essential book includes a complete fleet list and route listing, 9 historic black and white photos and 4 comprehensive route maps.

28 Pages with red card covers and 9 B&W photos. Price £3.50      How to order



The Lion Roars No Longer Eastern National Leyland Lions By P. Snell & A. Osborne


A new comprehensive history of the 73 Leyland lions operated by Eastern National from the late Twenties to the mid Fifties. 24 pages inc. 10 rare photos and card covers

Price £2.50                         How to order


Eastern National Regents & Renowns (Fact File 6) by Alan Osborne & Peter Snell


A comprehensive history of the AEC Regents & Renowns operated by Eastern National from the late Twenties to the early Fifties. Read all about the allocations, loans to London Transport and much more. 16 pages Inc 9 rare photos and card covers

Price £3.50                         How to order


The ENOC Lancet — By Peter Snell


An illustrated history of Eastern National’s Dennis Lancets, introduced in the 1930’s. 12 pages, 8 B&W photos and card covers. 

Price £1.50                                  How to order




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